Thread: cross-platform synchronization software

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    cross-platform synchronization software

    rsync is pretty good in Linux for synchronizing data both within the same device and remotely, but I was wondering whether you have a favorite cross-platform solution. The needs are to (1) synchronize data among directories in a single partition on a single system; (2) synchronize data between two corresponding partitions on a tower and laptop connected through the same router when the tower runs Linux and the laptop runs Windows.

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    rsync for Windows is a thing...
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    Any particular reason why you want it to be portable across platforms? There should be no need for that. rsync is perfectly capable of performing synchronization from and to ntfs partitions if you run in from your linux system.

    rsync comes to windows at the expense of a whole lot of cygwin baggage. You probably will feel annoyed at how badly it ends up integrating with your windows system. Meanwhile you have an excellent tool in windows with the same functionality of rsync; robocopy.

    Learning to use both tools -- and in the meantime also learn how to setup and make good use of SAMBA -- will give you three tools you can master instead of just one. And you will have plenty more options on who syncs and how it syncs.
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