Thread: What should I learn next? (Web/Server development)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nominal Animal View Post
    Anyone seen my 'trix?
    Found her for you.
    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted
    - Albert Einstein.

    No programming language is perfect. There is not even a single best language; there are only languages well suited or perhaps poorly suited for particular purposes.
    - Herbert Mayer

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesmithx View Post
    You lurk in interesting places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nominal Animal View Post
    Anyone seen my 'trix?
    She's decided to torture you with a sense of loneliness. Pretty ergonomic really.
    WndProc = (2[b] || !(2[b])) ? SufferNobly : TakeArms;

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