Thread: To go wireless or not.

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    To go wireless or not.

    I'm just wondering if wireless credit card machines are easy to choose. I'm thinking of upgrading my shop's credit card machine. I still have the old ones that you need to connect to landline phones. I think it's worth the upgrade since it accepts more types of payments. Any thoughts?

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    It depends on your bank. You are better talking to them to see what they have to offer. My advise is to not go outside their recommendations. Most banks will present you with their own machines that you can lease for a small amount monthly and a one time contract. Choose those machines and nothing else. You'll have the advantage that you will be covered for defects and even if a machine breaks because of mishandling. You may have to end up with a subpar machines though. My bank works with Ingenico CCTs, which are a piece of crap. But, like I said, if they stop working, I can get them replaced in the very same day.

    If your bank doesn't have any offer in that regard, I don't advise you to go for it. Chances are their infrastructure isn't well prepared to receive your transactions, or your location doesn't permit it.
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