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    Hackathon ideas

    I want to sit down with 2 friends and code for 3 days straight. We are university students and have 2 or 3 programming classes as experience. I don't want web design. Preferably something in C++ and not to hard but not basic and would take enough code to use up 3 days. THanks

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    Don't make something just to make something. It's better to work on something that you or one of your buddies actually want. Even if you don't finish it during the hackathon, that's okay.

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    Three days is a pretty short amount of time. With such a constraint, it would be good if the project you choose is modular enough in nature that it would be usable even without being completely finished. Try not to get caught in adding any features that will require a lot of research to implement, just get the basics working in a clean way that you could extend with extra functionality later.
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    I would say a performant linear algebra library.

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    Well, a portmanteau generator could be an option. It's the new Acronym in the internet, after all.
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    Build a small compiler (or rather.. interpreter)!

    No need to learn any theory now, just have fun with designing the language and parsing in an ad-hoc way.
    You will know when you need to read up on good parsing algorithms.

    (I'd advise you to consider a LISP like language for easy parsing.)

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    My suggestion is a toy Raytracer. That should definitely be doable in 3 days and you can show off some pretty pictures after...
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