Thread: [Feature Request] BBCode for Strikethrough

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    [Feature Request] BBCode for Strikethrough

    Admin, hi.

    Could we get strikethrough added to the BBCode? [s] would do just fine, since this seems to the more or less universal code in other forums. Or [del] if you wish to make a reference to HTML5.

    It really is useful as a post editing feature, if we wish to retain the previous text but indicate at the same time it became invalid or there was a change in thought.
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    Seconded. When quoting or restating statements in earlier posts, it'd make it easier for others to read what the incorrect part was.

    There are many ways how to have it emit the HTML code, but
    PHP Code:
    <span style="text-decoration: line-through;"> ... </span
    is supported in just about all browsers, and is valid CSS21, too.

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    [s] is supported in vBulletin already. I think a box needs to be checked by someone in power is all.

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