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Not that I want to imply that calling war evil is merely an act of hypocrisy. There's that side to it, no doubt. But I'd say primarily we do not really question war so much for its ability to exert power over another individual or group of individuals. We don't even really question war on its capacity to bring death and destruction. We question it based on how well that war has served us. Like a plate of meatballs with spaghetti, if it isn't good we reject it. But if it is good, we'll love it.
There are more reasons than living conditions for societies changing opinions (that's very reductionist). There are these days for instance much less geographical barrier on communication between me and a person in another country. I can speak to them, and know that they are people just like me. It's much harder these days for a country to demonize a population from elsewhere, this is apparent in places like North Korea that restrict communication and news programs.