Thread: Database error is back

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    Database error is back

    Pretty much every morning around 07:30 my time (GMT+1) the "Database error" that was plauging the site is back.

    Seems to be working the rest of the day but something happends around that time.
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    I get that at the same time (~22:30 GMT-8). It usually only lasts for 5-10 minutes (very rough estimate, never really timed it). Given the regularity of the time as well as the fact that it seems to happen every time I'm on the forums at that time (never kept track, but it's very​ consistent), I'd guess it's an automated maintenance thing. Maybe when it goes through and indexes, archives, etc.

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    I don't think it ever went away, but since it is regular and happens only for a short period, I can live with it.
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