Thread: Query Regarding "Brain Surface Extractor" or BSE

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    Query Regarding "Brain Surface Extractor" or BSE

    Hey All,

    I want to implement BSE algo in C.This algo is from the paper "Magnetic Resonance Image Tissue Classification Using
    a Partial Volume Model
    " in 2001.
    I have few doubts in this algo that is why finding difficulty to implement. Pls help me in this...
    Doubt 1: In equation 1 it is clear by the definition of diffusion that
    del I/ del t = div(c(p,t) grad I) but how it equal to c(p,t)Laplacian(I) + (grad c . grad I) ?
    c(p,t) is diffusivity but its also not clear that what is single c ?

    Doubt 2:
    What is g in equation 2 and how the value of Kd(diffusion constant) will be determined at the time of implementation?

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    These appear to be questions concerning a particular publication rather than concerning the implementation in C of an algorithm described in that publication, hence I shall move this thread to General Discussion.
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