Thread: Seven Red Lines

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    Seven Red Lines

    The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) - YouTube

    I think we all have worked at the company in this video at one time or another. So funny but so true.

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    Hilarious stuff, very much so because this is something I have seen first hand at work. I love the part where the client lady is stricken with some serious enlightenment, goes to the white board and draws a triangle.

    This is an excellent crew. To deliver such a silly skit with professionalism was never going to be easy.[Not everybody is a Python] Hats off to the crew.
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    I told you guys when I posted about the Script Kitty, kittens market themselves. Done and done.

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    I'd be laughing if I wasn't crying...

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    That exact sort of scenario happens at least once a week where I work.

    The phrase "it should be pretty simple" gets tossed around a lot, mostly by non-programmers, whether it's a new feature request, or a request for a bug fix. I try to reiterate every time that nothing we do is simple. It generally falls on deaf ears.
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