Thread: FOLDATHON - To Honor Adak

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    FOLDATHON - To Honor Adak

    I regret that I have to inform you that Adak passed away suddenly after an illness. We are organizing a foldathon in as a small memorial for him.

    Team 32 invites friends and foes alike to fold in Adak's name to help us honor his dedication, his spirit, and his fierce drive to make all our forums a better place. Adak folded for many teams but considered Team 32 his home. Join us for a week of folding madness and let us try to send Adak shooting to the stars in points as well as spirit!

    All details can be found here in the main thread

    Foldathon - Adak to the stars - Overclockers Forums

    the_cultie and orion

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    This is indeed upsetting news.

    My thoughts go out to his family, friends, and everyone else he has touched.

    Adak, you will be missed. cboard will never be quite the same.

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    very unfortunate news. his legacy will live on in the code of the people he helped.

    btw, what's folding?
    What can this strange device be?
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    Distributed protein folding simulations

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    btw, what's folding?

    One of the best uses for spare compute ever.

    The software uses a "cloud" model to analyze protein folding.

    I'm not going to go into all the details--the internet is your friend--in this post, but let me put it this way, cracking the process for some key proteins is invaluable to Alzheimer research--and many others.

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    I have fond memories of competing with Adak and others in our folding@home group - and being jealous of his available "spare compute cycles"

    Cboarders @ folding@home


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    ... please tell me this is just a distasteful joke!...

    ... he's helped me learn so many things over these years, I never got the chance to thank him ...
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    Adak was one of the most helpful posters on C board. RIP mate.
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    Cboard has lost one of its most nice, helpful members. First Dave, now Adak. Sad day. :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarin View Post
    He was my first "friend" on the forum as well

    Edit: Oh, man. I hope he wasn't practising piroettes after calling me Mr Dancing Man.
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    Oh man. I had wondered if this was the same Adak from the Forums. This friday makes 10 years for me at that forum and in that time, we crossed paths many times in the folding forum.

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