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    Happy new year

    Happy new year to you all, with health above all!
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    It’s 2014 and I still use printf() for debugging.

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    Happy New Year!
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    Now to spend the next 10 months writing 2013 by mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodor
    Now to spend the next 10 months writing 2013 by mistake.
    Some of the public carparks here use coupons such that the current date/time tabs must be torn off... I hope that I will not waste coupons by tearing off 2013 instead of 2014.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne Stroustrup (2000-10-14)
    I get maybe two dozen requests for help with some sort of programming or design problem every day. Most have more sense than to send me hundreds of lines of code. If they do, I ask them to find the smallest example that exhibits the problem and send me that. Mostly, they then find the error themselves. "Finding the smallest program that demonstrates the error" is a powerful debugging tool.
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    Last January, a guy at my college library was charged with a 1-year fine by a similar mistake by the man at the counter.

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