Thread: Awkward new member introduction.

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    Awkward new member introduction.


    Actually, "new member" would not be technically true. This isn't my first time with the Cprogramming community. I first joined the site two years prior, although, unfortunately not too long afterwards I was forced to withdraw from learning programming due to the inconvenience with other priorities. Since then, I have forgotten my original account info, and the email linked to it has been long deleted so I decided to start fresh again.

    I'm very excited and eager to start learning again. I am very confident I will excel with the help of everyone here!

    So there you have it. Hope to see a few comments or quick replies from you guys! ( & girls)

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    You're doing it wrong. I didn't even know this site a general discussion board until I was like 300 posts in.

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    It was by luck that I came across it so quickly, awhile back I posted a very detailed discussion about ear fungus in the Artificial Intelligence topic and was immediately referred over here.

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