Thread: Grad school recommendations?

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    Grad school recommendations?

    Currently applying for grad school in Computer Science, just wondering if you have any recommendations?

    I'm looking for a Master's program or equivalent, not research-based (not in preparation for PhD), more practical stuff, with emphasis on AI/robotics (machine learning, NLP, computer vision, etc). Also considering multi-disciplinary programs in robotics.

    Don't care too much about the country, but must speak English.

    Current list -
    Stanford, CS (they seem to have a very strong focus on AI, and also have a huge selection of seemingly interesting courses with very practical assignments)
    CMU, either MS in CS or MS in Robotics
    UPenn, Master's in Robotics (their GRASP lab is world-renowned in the field)
    Imperial College London, MSc in Advanced Computing (AI specialization)

    My grades are good enough to have a good chance at more or less any school (though not good enough to be in the "definite" pile at the very top schools). Undergrad is in electrical engineering, but have very significant programming experience (including about 2 years of professional software development), also have pretty good background in robotics.


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    KTH Royal Institute of Technology might be of interest? I have absolutely no idea how it compares to other schools, but don't expect miracles. Nevertheless, it is a very highly values college (?) institute.
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    When I was on scholarship at Switzerland, I remember some guys bragging about some robotic projects. They were in The Swiss AI Lab IDSIA.
    If I recall correclty, it is located in the Italian part of Switzerland (yes, Switzerland has an Italian part too :O ). The people in general do not know English. Inside IDSIA, everyone knows English. I clearly remember meeting some people from Canada there too.
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