Thread: Are you healthy/fit?

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    I can finally enjoy my precious cheeses (long live Havarti, Muenster, and Cheddar!) without guilt.
    A friend of my refers to cheese as "the fat mans candy".

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    A friend of my refers to cheese as "the fat mans candy".

    Your friend is wrong.

    Cocaine would be a much better simile for excellent cheddar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebastiani View Post
    How important is staying healthy and active to you?
    Ancient Greeks used to say:
    νοῦς ὑγιής ἐν σώματι ὑγιεῖ
    which actually means healthy mind - healthy body.

    I strongly believe that we have to be healthy and active (these two are interdepentent), in order our life to go far and normal.
    (I mean not a person that is alive, only because he or she is supported by a machine, doomed to stay in the hospital bed forever).
    Extend your life, by being energetic in your life. Extending life only in numbers (years) and actually being unable to live normally does not sound good to me.

    I am only 21 and being fit, healthy and energetic is not such a fabulus thing in my age. I play football (the one that is defined as football). Many can claim that they do not have time to do sports etc.
    I disagree. It's a lifestyle. If you organize your schedule nicely and go out for a crepe with chocolate and biscuits 2.5 hours latter with your friends/girlfriend, you can do it.
    I use to play football for money. However, when a club from A division asked me to join, I had to decide: school or football? I selected school. The team that I was a member of, had finance problems, thus demoted to lower divisions. University came by and the hours of courses and training would overlap, so I quit the team.

    I had a fear that this would make me (gradually) to stop practice sports. What a fear it was at that time. Cutting sports means (beyond pleasure, etc.) not helping your health.
    However, this was not simply the case. Football is loved by many people, that are not professionals footballers and are willing to give it a shot (literally :P ).

    So, I organized teams (I was president of the students in the school, which might helped a bit) and we started playing in school court (which is actually meant for basketball). After some time, this court was modified a bit and I named it Cage.
    At the beginning of this effort in 2010, we were only 10 players. Today, we list about a 50 (we have a match in 19.20 if someone is interested :P ).

    Every Thursday, we play with older guys, 30-50. Of course we (20-28) are only 4 players and all the others are the older ones. This is pretty good and they enjoy it very much. I hope when reaching their age, that I can be able to play!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cfanatic View Post
    You need to drink more water. Have a glass with every meal, as well as topping up during the day. Problem solved.
    I drink tons of water, so much to the point that the doc had me tested for diabetes (excessive thirst). I'm not sure what the deeper problem is, but only certain things keep me out of trouble: exercise, caffeine, and/or dried fruit. Caffeine being the best.

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    Lol yeah, I was gonna suggest coffee for you, Epy XD

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    I used to exercise a lot at my at my previous position. We would play 2 to 3 hours of basketball and I was in a work league. Now I must admit I have been searching for the same since I have moved. I do not enjoy racquetball that much but that seems to be the primary sport around here. I am thinking of joining either a basketball league or a baseball league to get my proper exercise.

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