Thread: The computer science GRE is tough O_o

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    The computer science GRE is tough O_o

    I thought it'd be fun to take a look at what the CS GRE looks like and I was totally stoked when I got the first couple of questions right but dang, that test is tough. So much stuff, it's impressive. Apparently CS people are supposed to know about logic gates and stuff.

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    Hah - I remember my first exposure: "Damn, I gotta remember all that from that class?"


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    It's good that it's discontinued. I'm preparing for grad school at the moment, and I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that non-sense.

    CS is such a broad field that it's impossible to make a single test that works for everyone.

    You know what's even more ridiculous? Engineering subject test. It was discontinued a few years ago as well, because basically no one cared.

    They tried to make ONE engineering subject test that was supposed to be taken by electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, and environmental engineers. Exactly WHAT can they put on that test? High school math?

    Whoever writes the tests are so detached from reality that it's amazing. It takes some serious stupidity to even imagine something like that can work.

    General test is pretty annoying, too, but hey, at least it's pretty easy.

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    I see only three options here:

    I've gotten dumber.
    the test got harder.
    I was never required to take it.

    Seriously, that test looks spiteful.

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    Yeah, I took that test years ago and got my a$$ handed to me. On the upside, I still got into grad school.

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