Thread: Is a GUI required?

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    Is a GUI required?

    Hello everyone, I'm almost finished with my degree and I was wondering if Knowledge to create a GUI is required for a job in programming?

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    Probably not, unless the job explicitly requires it.

    In general, if you haven't been lazy during your course, you already have the knowledge required to get familiar with a 'GUI' API within a few days.

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    Including GUI in any program is just a matter of knowing which library to use and how to do it.
    A general understanding of GUIs and how they work may be essential, though, such as event-driven programming and the like.

    EDIT: Now, is it required? Not necessarily, although it would be a big bonus for getting the job, unless it's not about GUIs at all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by recursion View Post
    Is Knowledge to create GUI applications required for a programming job?

    If you ever need-to or desire-to create a computer program that has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) (whether that would be with HTML, wxWidgets, GTK+, PHP/HTML/JavaScript, Qt, Visual Studio .NET, or Java SWING), then you could just look-up how-to's and just freestyle it.

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    Most jobs where I am are using either Windows Forms, WPF, MFC or pure Win32 API for GUIs. There are jobs that do not require GUI skills but it can never hurt to have them. The more APIs and technologies you are familiar with the more marketable you are. I can say that about 7 out of every 10 job postings I have seen require some type of GUI experience.

    .....then you could just look-up how-to's and just freestyle it.
    There is no need to 'freestyle it' when Amazon has about every book you would ever need to learn about the various GUI technologies. Using only tutorials is probably the worst way to learn GUI programming or any other type of programming. There are very good books available that explain the details that most tutorials gloss over.
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