Thread: I really need some help

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    I really need some help

    So im just starting out and i want to learn C++ and basically how to code, dose anyone have any tips for me, Ive been doing the lessons most of it makes sense functions kinda got me confused though but if anyone can help a beginner with resources and stuff all would be appreciated

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    Welcome Jonathan.S!

    This question comes up all the time, so if you peruse our forums, you're bound to see lots of great advice on this topic, and we can avoid repeating ourselves too much :P. Our C++ forum has a sticky post at the top that has book recommendations, and there were a few other recent threads (past few weeks) where this was discussed -- again, search/browse our forums. We have tutorials on our site, and the web is full of more resources, just a quick Google search away. Also, if you search or browse some of the past questions in our C++ forum, you're sure to learn a few things.

    This is not the best place to find somebody to act as a full-on teacher in the traditional sense, but we're great at helping with more specific questions and problems you may be having. Feel free to start threads in the C++ forum and ask whatever questions you may have about functions or other topics. It helps to read our forum guidelines and rules, and this link: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (don't take the title personally) to get the most out of your forum experiences. Also, I think this guy makes some great points about learning to program in general: Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years, particularly in the "So You Want to be a Programmer" section. You can probably get to be a pretty decent programmer within a year or so, with enough hard work and dedication, but the road from decent to expert does take lots of time and practice.

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