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    how to remove post

    Hi i wanted to ask how can i remove my post in the forum? or how can i remove the topic i created?
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    Why would you want to do that? If there's a really compelling reason, then you would probably have to ask a moderator to remove it (expect to have to explain why). Generally, we keep all our threads forever (they're eventually locked and archived so you can only search them, not add to them) so that others can search the old threads to look for similar problems to the ones they're having, and find the solution. I noticed your problem description was pretty vague ("the program doesn't run well"). If you solved it, just reply to your thread with a quick note saying what the actual problem was and how you fixed it. Otherwise just reply to it and say "nevermind" or some such. People will start ignoring it and it will eventually be locked and archived.

    So did you solve your other thread? Why do you want to delete it?

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