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    Thank you Elysia

    You were right Elysia, C++ Primer 5th edition is a great book. Thank you for your effort trying to make me rely that.

    - thames

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    I remember that name -> thames.. From Brazil? As a matter of fact, is seems unlikely that A && B && C results to true, where
    A: Elysia has convinced you in buying a book
    B: Thames has only one post
    C: Everybody has one and unique account

    If you are Thames I remember, you were an easy going member, which respected the rules and as a result, I have to let you know, that people are not allowed of two accounts (at least simultaneously, if someone can delete his account).
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    This is an odd thread... someone creates a new account named "uawesome" presumable for the sole purpose of thanking someone anonymously only to sign their thread with their alternate identity. I can't say that I've seen everything, but well... that's definitely one more thing that I can say I've seen.

    That said, while it's hard to say overt politeness is frowned upon, why not simply just send him a PM or simply reply to the thread that he posted the recommendation? Was it necessary to create a thread to thank someone for recommending a book that's been highly recommended since, well... since it was written?

    Sorry if I'm been too hard...
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