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    Digital Radio Mondiale

    Hiya everybody!

    Just passing through and wanted to post a question:

    Does anyone here knows any bits of information on what DRM really is about?

    I've read some info on them and I've also read through their website Digital Radio Mondiale | The future of global radio for quite a lot of times now.

    I seem to get the idea, but somehow I think it would be great if there is anyone out here who knows DRM professionally.

    Grateful for the help!

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    They have an unfortunate abbreviation.
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    DRM is also a common abbreviation for a method of protecting digital content, and preventing copies from being made. it is generally considered to be a bad thing by people outside the mainstream entertainment industry.

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    I was looking at this recently. It's like DAB Digital Radio, only delivered over shortwave. As it stands, you can either buy a really expensive decoder from Fraunhofer IIS, a cheap knock-off or build your own using a particular circuit and some Open Source software.

    An application of Software-Defined Radio, no less.

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