Thread: What the heck happened to me?

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    Glad to hear you're okay!

    FYI in the case of a heart attack, not only do they not all feel painful, but many - even if painful - don't feel like chest pain. There is a symptom called "referred pain" where pain from internal organs is often felt on the surface of the body in an unrelated place. Often times it is the shoulder in the case of pain coming from the heart.
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    Update on my dad: he's going to be okay, but he had a bunch of blood clots in his legs, two of which managed to find their way into BOTH pulmonary arteries. He will be taking blood thinners for the rest of his life. I visited him in the hospital for a couple hours today. He looks like he got hit by a train. Tough to see your dad like that. But he'll be okay.

    Update on me: No known cause for my panic attack, no evidence of heart trouble, but blood test came back with elevated creatinine, meaning there might be something wrong with my kidneys. Well that's just dandy.

    I'm a stress-ball right now. Can't stop bouncing around all over the place.
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    I'm a stress-ball right now.
    Your own health issues aside, that's perfectly understandable given the other stuff.


    Hope all goes well with you and yours.


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