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    Arabic Programming Language

    I don't under Arabic, but I found this article which some of you might enjoy reading.
    The article isn't in Arabic.

    Meet ‚„ب, the programming language that uses Arabic script € The Register

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    The comments for that article are comedy gold.

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    There is a point in the arguments, but at the end of they day you practically just need to learn English if you are in the software engineering field. You can see it sometimes in this forums when people post a code where it is in Spanish or French where you still use Latin letters. If you have your variables in Spanish and your comments in Spanish, how do you expect non-Spanish users to help you? And it is not that my mother language is English, the point is just that we need a common language practically to help each other. At the same time even if your own variables are in your language you will be calling libraries that are in English. So, dunno, the code "std::vector monVecteur;" will look awkward regardless....

    Fundamentally, there are other languages that by structure could have been lot more useful than English in general in the computer science world, but English is what we have today. That been said, things could shift in the far future and you could have a Chinese company with a new core technology that writes its SDK in Chinese and also writes their own Chinese version of a C++ compiler. But if that said Chinese company was to create their own language it would phase a mountain of incompatibilities and inefficiencies. My point being that making a language for "artistic" reasons to write "beautiful code" is way off the wrong direction. You care about the resulting bits and bytes more rather how the source files look...

    A more interesting approach would be to tweak a common IDE so you can type from right to left. Then the IDE could do the reverse before it compiles. Not so much harm of inserting a .c file that is actually written from left to write and appearing right to left in your IDE at the end of the day. And if you want to translate some keywords or take any further actions, you can do so. That is what I would consider a more sane approach. Still, the documentation would be in English for libraries, you would search in the internet in English so I doubt if int he end it would be worth it, hardly even for educational reasons. Except, again, if you had also some libraries written in Arabic were in anyway you won't be able to stick only with one language...

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteflags View Post
    The comments for that article are comedy gold.
    I couldn't agree more

    COW - Programming for Bovines
    Fact - Beethoven wrote his first symphony in C

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    Coding literacy (assuming this is a problem) is solved by teaching how to program. Is his solution to coding literacy to help increase illiteracy? By building a Babel tower around computer programming that's precisely what this gentleman is doing? And i'm not even a computer scientist.
    Originally Posted by brewbuck:
    Reimplementing a large system in another language to get a 25% performance boost is nonsense. It would be cheaper to just get a computer which is 25% faster.

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