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    You are oversimplifying reliability. Consider this. You have equipment A that when working with B has 90% reliability. Then C that works with D and has 90% reliability. What happens if you build a complex network with A+B+C+D? Maybe you gain a good reliability, maybe you get chaos. What they found out is that you get chaos. So now you have equipment E that has 70% reliability but you can use it for everything. Guess what? You gained reliability from a technology that is more unreliable but it is interoperable.

    Which is the point, isn't it?
    Interoperable emergency communication is integral to initial response, public health, safety of communities, national security and economic stability. Of all the problems experienced during disaster events, one of the most serious problems is communication due to lack of appropriate and efficient means to collect, process and transmit important and timely information. In some cases, radio communication systems are incompatible and inoperable not just within a jurisdiction but within departments or agencies within the same community.[4] Non-operability occurs due to use of outdated equipment, limited availability of radio frequencies, isolated or independent planning, lack of coordination and cooperation between agencies, community priorities competing for resources, funding and ownership and control of communications systems.[5] Recognizing and understanding this need, Project 25 (P25) was initiated collaboratively by public safety agencies and manufacturers to address the issue with emergency communication systems. P25 is collaborative project to ensure that two-way radios are interoperable. The goal of P25 is to enable public safety responders to communicate with each other and, thus, achieve enhanced coordination, timely response, and efficient and effective use of communications equipment.[6]
    Can you have that and better quality? Well there are 3 phases according to wikipedia, on beyond phase 2 LTE is considered (which is true) which provides high data rates that you like. So it is not stated that the current phase was the best possible implementation ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    elkvis first you say wireless broadband speeds are not possible then after the wireless broadband speeds are pointed out to you say yes broadband speed are possible
    I never said they aren't possible. I said they aren't possible within the bandwidth constraints of the system in question. read more carefully next time.

    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    and all of a sudden have an extra class amateur licence.
    not all of a sudden. I've been a licensed operator for 20 years. again, read more carefully.

    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    ...change the channel from ~10khz to 12.5khz after looking at the specifications on the wiki page.
    I'll admit that I didn't read the wiki page until after my first post. so what? my bandwidth estimation was not far off.

    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    as you know credentials licenses certificates awards can be faked lied about or fabricated. what i would trust is exam conditions with six deputies in a room observing with only a table and chair and a amateur test and pencil and personally observe the test being taken with no search engines or phones or any devices or pagers etc and lets see what you really know. did i say no search engines. i also know that i could give eight or more real ham calls and they would all come back as actual extra class hams and none would be mine. but you would have no way to verify that.
    on this point you are correct. it can be faked, but I have never misrepresented myself on this forum, and anyone reading this will back up that claim.

    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    elkvis i know exactly what you are doing it is called master troll baiting. you put some false accusations then when the victim responds you accuse them of being argumentative. if you want to participate in an intelligent conversation then stop master troll baiting and participate in an intelligent conversation or leave this thread. if you want to continue on this thread then i insist that you answer only this one question first.
    is it wrong for me to want to find out exactly how much of a troll you are?

    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    question for elkvis only.

    what causes the project 25 sound of having a flying broom stuck in you back office or like talking through a tube ?
    ask a coherent question, and I'll be happy to give you a coherent answer. if english is not your first language, I will forgive your poor sentence structrue and grammar, but since I believe you are a native english-speaker, I will give you no slack.

    Quote Originally Posted by kryptkat View Post
    the slow transfer of dial up speeds is only part of the answer . i want to see if you understand what the problem is. which is the first question that i asked. what i would like is a more detailed answer than dial up speeds. should you not answer it then i will answer it. found an article that comes close.
    then post the article. I'm not here to do your research for you. I gave you general (the opposite of specific) answers, based on what I know. none of my answers were factually incorrect. my answers were also not lacking context, as your questions were.
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    c_ntua i had read that project 25 is interoperable many times but had not stopped to consider exactly what that would require. it is more than just the police and fire but rather the whole government agencies such as utilities like water and electricity along with airports and fuel transportation with other safety agencies as health and welfare et cetera. so that for example some individuals from new york and california or where ever could go to something like katrina and just fit in with their system or where ever . there must be incompatibilities with the current system that i am unaware of.

    on this point you are correct. it can be faked, but I have never misrepresented myself on this forum, and anyone reading this will back up that claim.
    kinda hard misrepresent yourself when you will not directly answer any of the questions. ok you heard him say " I have never misrepresented myself on this forum, and anyone reading this will back up that claim. " so anyone willing to put your reputation on the line and step forward and verify and back up this claim of elkvis ? i would prefurr to hear from someone that is not a buddy of elkvis so lets see what we get ?

    you are the one trolling for trolls. that is trolling and that makes you the only one here that is a trolloroidous. or if you were on skates a trollorollerroidus.

    i gave you an opportunity to show that you have some skill that which you would expect from a amateur radio operator. i had asked only one question that you could not most likely pooggle the answer. i did not ask you to do the entire project 25 research. i did not ask you to do an entire thesis on the project 25. i did not ask you to an entire spiel. i only asked one question for a detailed answer which you could not answer. what you have done is a total loss of creditability.

    As an Extra class amateur radio operator, licensed in the USA for the last 20 years, I have some knowledge of these things.
    this sentence structure implies that you were licensed as an extra class amateur in the usa for the last 20 years. you said that you have some knowledge of these thing and yet fail to directly answer only one question. your sentence structure and grammar indicate that you have some very nigerian mannerisms. are you from nigeria ? do you have dreadlocks ?

    there are two different coders in use. amr uses 4.75 to 12.2 kbs and evrc uses four different rates. the mbe separates the voice into four different frequency bands. then the dsp preforms a voice or noise analysis in each speech band and discards nonvoice. low bit vocoder is used for narrow band radio transmission. 64 thousand bits per second digitized. 2800 bits of forward error correction is added with 2400 bits signaling and 4400 bits voice to make the 9600 bits per second channel capacity. depending on which mode used. dialup buffers the audio while project 25 is live. it plays it as fast as it gets it. while one point of voice is played the electric charge starts to diminish thus causing a random starting location for the next bit of data. being played slower because of transfer rate the next point of data is farther away from the previous point or original signal. thus giving that breeze affect. it is like two paws scratching a chalk board with their nails. lets see how long it takes you to realize that i already put up the link to the files.

    a faster speed will cure some of it but not all.
    <whiteflags> You foolishly believe in people and this feeling must be crushed.

    i have gotta get me a bunch of monsantos gmos == genetically modified orgasms .

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