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    coding on your feet

    I've heard a couple times now about coders working at their desk standing up. When I think about it, I am able to work the greater part of a day standing up without issue, so theoretically I guess the same could be true for coding. But I'm hesitant to try, because I'd have to change my setup for it (and I'm lazy).

    Is there anyone here who does, or has done this before? Does it really improve focus as much is it's touted too? Do you think it's worth trying?
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    I've seen treadmills in use before, where you're constantly walking at a slow pace, and it's claimed that it improves circulation, and therefore brain function. I have not made any attempt to confirm this, but I've always wanted to give it a try.

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    Where I work at I did not have the option of having a raisable table but a mate of mine who works in CAD had. He would usually switch between sitting and standing during the day simply to change his position around. According to him it was very nice to be able to switch position during the day, just to change his body position at times.

    Personally I think it can be a good thing to switch around during the day.

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    I know I can't stand to stand in the same place for a very long time...
    But sitting is fine. Still, it is often possible to change positions how you sit, move your chair forth and back, and so on, so sitting is usually fine.
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    Standing would make me take more breaks. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me from taking pointless breaks is not wanting to stand up.

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    Coding on your feet?I would say that this would result in your quadriceps and maybe your calfs to be tired.I think that this is more tiring-able that sitting.However sitting for hours may be annoying for many,so taking little breaks,or grabbing an opportunity to get up and a walk a bit is ideal,because a human must be active in order that his mind is active too!
    Also,mind that you have learned to code in a chair,so shifting to stand-up coding may look to you such a big step.Mind also that setting up your space for this requires searching and time.

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