Thread: Dependence on C++11 Features

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    Dependence on C++11 Features

    I find myself becoming increasingly dependent on the new features in C++11, to the point of getting frustrated when I am forced to code without them. I really enjoy some of the things C++ can do now, and things I would have done before with little difficulty without those features now feel cumbersome and unpleasant.

    has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    There is very little in the new standard that is widely available that can't be reasonably emulated or conditionally available as interface extensions where they are available so I don't have such a problem.

    That said, having such a problem is a good thing in a way. They've added stuff that few languages support. They've also added stuff that, assuming they gain widespread semantics, will be virtually indispensable to all C++ programmers.


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    Personally, no.

    I like most of the new features of C++-11 but I also view the purpose of any programming language as being a tool for problem solving.

    It is the problem solving I enjoy. One attribute of any problem is a set of boundary conditions and constraints. If those boundary conditions or constraints mean I can't use the newest features (for example, because not all compilers support them) then the enjoyment comes from solving the problems using features that are available for use. Or getting through the process - even if its a bureaucratic process - of making a case for getting support of new features.

    In other words, my satisfaction is in continuing to work towards goals, even if the tools I have to use are not the latest and greatest.

    And I've yet to find a feature of C++-11 that I can't emulate in some way with older techniques and a bit of skill (and use of appropriate tools, such as libraries). Even if the solution using older techniques takes a little more thought and effort.
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