Thread: Strange board URL replacement..?

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    Strange board URL replacement..?

    Normally, linking to a site, say, Google, will yield this:
    www . google . com -> Google

    But trying to link to a certain site yields strange results:
    www . -> IP Banned - GIDNetwork

    Click on the link and you'll see that the title is clearly not what is displayed. Anyone know why the board does this?

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    It is a "GIDNetwork" thing.

    Apparently the real IP address for the server where "CBoard" lives has scraped "GIDNetwork" enough times that their server software considers it a threat.

    You should email the administrator. He may be able to contact them and get a beneficial "whitelist" considering that this is a forum.

    I believe that would be "webmaster".

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    Thanks for reporting this. I'll contact GIDNetwork and see if they can help resolve this.

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