Thread: "New" Knuth Book

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    "New" Knuth Book

    So, I was walking around some stores the other day and I came across Knuth's volume 4A "Combinatorial Algorithms". This was the first time I have seen this addition to the series and I was wondering if anyone here had the chance to sit down and read through it, and what comments you may have on it. My initial impression, based on the first 3 books, is that it would be worth the price tag however I would prefer some opinions prior to purchasing this item.
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    I prefer PDFs myself, free to be exact ( as in "free beer" ). Nonetheless, knowledge is power, therefore reading everything you can get your hands on is a "must".

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    Knuth is the foremost respected thinker on the subject of algorithms, so if you can justify the cost, do it.

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