Thread: G++ macro redefinition warning

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    G++ macro redefinition warning

    I'm using both wxWidgets and gsoap-generated web proxy classes in one of my projects, and they both define macros like HAVE_SNPRINTF (and many others), and they don't wrap them in #ifndef/#endif, which causes lots of compiler warnings about the redefinition. I've been searching google for a half hour or so for a way to disable this warning, but no solution seems to present itself. I know for a fact that the values of these macros is the same, because gsoap and wxWidgets were built on the same machine, with the same toolchain, and because I have visually verified their values.

    is there a gcc/g++ command line (-Wno-<something>) option to disable this specific warning?

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    The list of all the options would be Option Summary - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) (changing 4.6.1 in the URL as appropriate). I don't see one that looks exactly like what you want, though.

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    I saw the same page, and that was my finding as well. oh well, I guess I just have to put up with hundreds of warnings from a few of my source files

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