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    marking a selection

    Anyone have a novel idea for marking some graphic object as being selected?

    I am currently using a pair of brackets to mark a color square ( I have lots of color squares
    to select from).

    A 3d representation of a depressed color square would work well. But I would have to do
    some artistic work, which I am not good at, and it's not exactly novel.

    Any new ways out there?

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    Coloured borders?

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    That was my first method. Certainly indicated it well.

    But I now have color squares that can move around and sometimes might only allow partial
    borders. So I have brackets marking them, sometimes both left and right, sometimes just
    left, sometimes just right. It works. Just looking for something new, or different.

    Something else, even with bright white markers (brackets), I find it easy to miss that a
    selected graphic object has been marked. Probably because the selected object can be
    anywhere on a wide screen. Easy to miss it. A flashing marker might be good, also.

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