Thread: Changing VBulletin Username layout

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    Changing VBulletin Username layout

    Many issues come up when an OP will ask a question which is either OS or compiler specific and not provide the required information. It has recently been brought up that a possible quick solution to this would be to add that information to the username section of their post, as in where their name and post count is displayed.
    The users could fill this information out in their profile when they setup their account.

    For the people who have been here awhile:

    1. Do you think this would be a good idea?

    2. Is is even possible?
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    1. No. It takes one post to clarify the issue.
    2. No idea.

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    Several problems with that:

    - Many people use more than one compiler and more than one operating system. This simple fact negates any advantage of adding that information to the sidebar. You would still not know if that was the implementation they wanted a solution for

    - Many people don't fill out User CP. The feature will thus have lesser impact than you might think.

    - Assuming the information is filled, there's a bigger risk that answers to the OP question will take the implementation for granted, when in fact the OP meant some other implementation. Better to ask the OP to clarify than giving the wrong answer.
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    If one doesn't like to say what they're using each time they ask a question, (and it's always the same, which this user profile option would assume anyway) then they can just put in their signature. Problem solved.

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