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    Next book?

    I have seen a lot of recommendations for "Accelerated C++ by Koenig and Moo".

    I'm currently working through "C++ without fear". I was going to read "Practical C++ Programming by Oualline." next.

    Should I hold off on that one and read through Accelerated C++?

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    All three books are introductory texts. There is no harm working through yet another introductory text, but if you have been meticulous in working through your current book, then your returns from working through another introductory book will be small (other than the practice that it gives, but you can obtain that in other ways).

    That said, Accelerated C++ will provide you with a good basis for progressing further in "modern" C++.

    I suggest reading Effective C++, Third Edition by Scott Meyers next.
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