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    Blender 2.5

    Has anyone downloaded this and used it? The interface is completely overhauled and I find it quite nice.

    For those that download it and wonder where certain exporters are do not worry. All the standard exporters that used to come with the product are still there but are disabled. All you need to do is go to File->User preferences->Add ons tab and then select Disabled on the left side. Scroll down until you find your fav exporter and check the checkbox next to it. It will be removed from the list and added to the enabled list. Now you can go to File->Export and it will be there.

    The DirectX and XNA exporters are available but they are disabled so you must enable them to use them.

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    I once got curious about 3d applications and learnt Blender (when it was 2.4 ) at the same time with an old Maya PLE. Then I found the interface of Blender very cumbersome in comparison.
    But the new interface seems much...fluid. The placement of the items is rather intuitive, and I found myself learning some new tricks just by ...hanging out in the new version.

    I don't think I'm experienced enough to comment about anything other than the interface.

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