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    Firefox Extentions

    Considering the recent FF discussion I figure, why not.
    I personally like Chrome and Opera better than FF as far as a vanilla browser goes. But I use FF primarily because it has the richest set of plug-ins, which compensates for me. And I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this thought.
    So, what extensions do you often use / have installed? I'm curios to know what other good, useful plug-ins, people use (specifically, I imagine as fellow programmers, you want comparatively similar things out of the web).

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    All extensions I used in Firefox had a Chrome alternative. So the move to Chrome wasn't painful.

    Adblock Plus --> Adblock Plus
    Gmail Manager --> Mail Checker Plus
    FlagFox --> Ultimate Chrome Flag
    Firebug --> Firebug Lite & Chrome Developer Tools (built in)
    IE View --> IE Tab Multi
    Tab Mix Plus --> Not necessary
    RoboForm --> RoboForm
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    Adblock Plus, noscript, lastpass and Status4Evar are the extensions I use. I also have to disable tons of old Java extensions for some reason. The only reason I haven't used Chrome is because I don't like Chrome.

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