Thread: Disk IO Error

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    Disk IO Error

    dd: reading `/dev/sr0': Input/output error
    1396096+0 records in
    1396096+0 records out
    714801152 bytes (715 MB) copied, 471.936 s, 1.5 MB/s
    Does this surely mean that my data in the disk(a dvd) is corrupted. Is there any way from one end to the error region and traverse from the opposite direction....and then combine the results..?

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    A DVD with corrupted data is commonly referred to as a "Coaster" or a "Frizbee", relating to their only remaining uses.

    There are free disk test utilities you can get that will confirm if the error was random or imbedded... (Google is your friend).

    In the mean time ... you can try spraying a little bit of clear water on a paper towel and very gently cleaning the disk.

    Also be aware that unlike CDs, DVD spinners are sensitive to long term exposure to magnets and are also sensitive to long term exposure to sunlight.
    BlueRay disks are prone to fail if you look at them wrong...

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