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    Lightbulb Old Bit BBS - An online community for everything retro

    Hello Everyone.

    I'd like to invite you to join a new Community website devoted to BBSes, ANSI art and old games and programs of the era.

    Old Bit BBS
    Main Menu | Old Bit BBS - DOS, ANSI, 8-bit goodness, geeky nostalgia and more

    The website includes:

    - BBS-style theme with ANSI art, color codes you can use anywhere (including your handle), and an optional keyboard navigation like in the good ol' days.
    - Extensive message board area covering many topics from the era and beyond.
    - Norton Commander-style Files Area where anyone can add the games and programs that stole their youth back in the day.
    - ANSI gallery
    - Oneliners! old-skool style.
    - Chat with online members.
    - BBS list
    - Community driven - members can add content as well as ANSI screens to shape the website, Badges are awarded for top contributing members.

    Hope to see you at Old Bit BBS.

    PS: If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and programming in general, check out: Logic Warz | Program your Bot, kick other Bot's shiny ass

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    I like the user name color coating, every now and then you see it in games, but I don't think I've ever seen it for a forum, good idea.

    But maaan, do something about that colored thin-line text on the black background, it hurts my eyes!

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