Thread: Is there a trick to getting replies?

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    Is there a trick to getting replies?

    My program just keeps repeating try another name. I posted it yesterday, under "please help". Perhaps nobody can help.

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    Then how about using a sensible title (almost everyone posting needs help, so be specific).
    And also don't start a new thread when you should have re-used the current one. I'm not going hunting for your thread now.
    Did you make sure to ask specific smart questions? Did you post code when asked? Did you use code tags?
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    Yes, there exists at least one method to get more replies.

    Let me google that for you

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    I don't even bother reading messages with useless titles. I don't have time to read them all, so I look for titles that I might be interested in and read those.
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    That's right; I liked 'em all.

    It is just sad that you put more thought into this thread's title than the one you cared about.


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