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    Quote Originally Posted by User Name: View Post
    To back hand is to slap with the back of the hand. It's a lot less feminine than slapping.

    Although possible, it's really hard not to look like a b**** while slapping.
    Any kind of slapping looks pretty fruity to me.

    As for the original question. The first thing I would have done is ask him to prove it.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevesmithx View Post
    The only thing is, this hasn't stopped him blustering about his amazing 1337 acts.
    1337 acts??
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    Does OP want to be the b**** or the pimp of this correspondence?
    Neither. No thank you.

    1337 acts??
    As in Urban Dictionary: wanna be hackers .
    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted
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    Quote Originally Posted by C_ntua View Post
    Slap them.
    And hopefully you'll find a new job when your probation is over.

    It shouldn't make much difference in your career... Most employers don't really care if you go around hitting people... do they?

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