Thread: My quad-core CPU is useless

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    See articles on threaded AI techniques and lock free data structures.

    * NBA 2K11 - some arenas are nearly unplayable
    * Fallout 3 - probably due to Gamebryo which is known to stutter and frameskip
    * Divinity 2 - again uses Gamebryo
    * Saints Row 2 - known to stutter when driving but mine stutters when walking
    * Mercenaries 2 - also known to stutter on certain machines when driving - mine is one of them, yay me
    * Test Drive Unlimited 2 - only stutters in certain areas of Oahu and Ibiza..not all areas
    I don't have any of those, but I do have "Bully". I get no stutter from it, but I guess that could just be different people making different changes.

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    I just think this is interesting because I'm running into similar problems, although not with games, but with ANSYS 13.0 mesher. At most, it uses 12% (7 other cores not being utilized, or under-utilized), the shared memory (as opposed to message passing) full enabled, it turns out that, hey, tough luck, some of the algorithms just can't use all ya got.

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