Thread: Anyone finding reCaptcha less effective these days?

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    Anyone finding reCaptcha less effective these days?

    reCaptcha if you don't know if a captcha service that provides the user with two words, one of which is for authentication while the other is used to aid in the transcription of old books and other literature.

    Lately, however, I've found that most of the provided captchas are extremely easy... it will be one very clearly written word and one absurdly written word that likely contains a number or a foreign symbol. It's just very apparent which word is the actual captcha and which word the computer is unsure of. I suppose it's running out of words that it's unsure of, but I find that a bit hard to believe. I would have imagined it would have implemented a system that filters out obvious words based on how easily they're answered and how rarely they're skipped.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Didn't know they did that. That's one of the most brilliant ideas I heard in a long time.

    Anyways, these particular type of captchas have become increasingly more difficult for me as of late. Not easier. Never before I had to hit the refresh button so many times before getting something I can actually read. If you are right about them getting easier, I can only predict I'm into a lot of trouble in the near future.
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    I haven't come across a captcha recently but I have noticed the foreign words, usually when that happens I only type in the word I can read and just ignore the other one

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