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    I had a similar situation when I first started coding professionally.

    Worst descision I ever made was to sue, even though I won.

    Find someone senior who likes you/values your work and ensure they will act as a referee (as after you sue, no one will recommend you for your next job).
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    Thanks, the situation has kind of been smoothed out now...out of curiosity, why was it the worst decision? Because of what others have been saying, i.e. other employers don't want you?

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    I'm sure noacian has his own reasons ... but yes being "the guy who took $100k from the boss" is a reputation that tends to follow you around. You may find yourself justifying your actions to every new employer for quite some time...

    That's why I tend to agree with Mario on this one... time to start quietly job hunting and see if you can't get out of there without anything getting public on you.

    Failing that there's always the HR blackmail strategy that, despite it's onerous nature, does work in a lot of situations.
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    That's why i want to become a freelancer, no matter how difficult will that be!
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