Thread: Hello! New guy here :D

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    Hello! New guy here :D


    I stumbled on this site after checking out some of the tutorials here and I liked the activity on the forums so I decided to join up

    A little about me?
    I am 16 and from the Chicago land area

    I am eager to teach myself as much as I can about programming before going into a college and earning a degree in Computer Science. I am in basic programming classes though my high school as well as teaching myself on the side.

    I am learning .VB through school (Programming 1 + 2), messing around in C++ at home and next year taking a basic java and computer science class (Intro to Computer Science as well as AP Computer Science).

    While I am young, I wouldn't say I am incompetent, I really try to take computer programming serious as I hope to make a career out of it.

    On the side I am a Varsity swimmer. I have been swimming for quite a while now.

    Nice to meet you guys,

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    welcome to the forum. Dew is good, totally agree with that.
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