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    Code formatter for indentation, style...


    I am trying to format a C++ code base to conform to a propitiatory coding style, such as how braces are placed, indentations, white spaces, etc. I tried Eclipse CDT formatter, but it would put some brace at the wrong places (about 20%).

    Could anyone provide suggestions that what may be good tools to use for this kind of task for C++ project?


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    I really hope that the environment you plan to maintain/edit/create code in can be customized to match this new coding style (otherwise that's step one). Once you have that set, most editors/IDEs have a command to reformat code based on the defined style.

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    Start with if the options it offers are enough. It's online and thus a nice option for that one instance when you really need something like that.

    If that isn't enough, move to an editor with code formatting options. I know nothing about eclipse, but depending on the operating system you have plenty of options. Just load up the code into the IDE, configure its settings and run the command that allows you to format the code.

    If you have complex requirements, and if you need to do this often, you will want to buy Polystyle.

    EDIT: tabstop makes a good point too. It's no use to you any editor that cannot be configured for your style, so that's your priority. And since editors usually have an option to reformat code, this should also be your only priority.
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    Astyle is my choice - it's incredibly powerful, and it's free. A lot of IDEs have plugins for Astyle but the Eclipse one leaves much to be desired and I wouldn't recommend it. If IDE integration is a must the Code::Blocks plugin is very nice.

    Since it's a command-line tool, however, it may be just as effective to add an 'Astyle' command with parameters as you see fit, as a macro in Eclipse (Actually IIRC Eclipse calls them 'tools').
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    Thank you so much for providing the information!
    I will try and find out which may match the style.

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    In eclipse you can change the formatting options in the preferences to be whatever you want.

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