Thread: Real time Multiplayer Online Game (Facebook)

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    Real time Multiplayer Online Game (Facebook)

    Hello! I don't have any idea where to start on creating the server.

    My goal is to create a real time multiplayer online game in flash that I can also put in facebook. The game would be a tower defense with maybe 2 to 4 players on it.

    First, I though of creating a flash as client and java as the server.

    Second, I though of creating a client using flash then php as my server.

    Lastly, flash as a client and probably java or C++ as server.

    If you noticed, I stick entirely on flash because of its marketing advantage.

    My problems are:

    1) What language to use as the server?

    2) Is real time game possible in flash?

    3) Do you think Facebook is a good target for earning money later?

    4) Do you have any comments or suggestions?

    Thank you

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    I think if you have these questions maybe you should dedicate yourself to something else. The market is already competitive enough between people who actually know very well what they need and how they need to do it.


    1) if you want to develop your multiplayer game in Flash, you will probably require Flash Media Server to code the game server.

    2) Yes.

    3) I think you have better chances getting a job instead.

    4) See first paragraph.
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    Considering there aren't many "Tower Defense" games on Facebook, there's potential. But an online multiplayer game, even a simple one, is going to take a lot of coding. If you have a small team of coders you could get it done in a fraction of the time. So my suggestion would be, get together a team of dedicated coders that share the same interest you do. Good luck.
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