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    Hey guys,

    Sorry I don't really know where to put this ( I looked for a "welcome" board or something of the sort) but this seems like the most logical spot :S. I'm new to programming and am very interested in getting into it. I started to do some python a while back and was enjoying it so I decided that I should learn something perhaps a little more useful. So I talked to a couple of my relatives that do a lot of programming work, learned a bit about it and decided it was something I would like to pursue. As I am currently a Senior in high school (College apps >.>) I don't think I will have too much time but once second semester rolls around in 3 weeks I suppose I will be flooded with free time (or so thats what I've heard). Anyway! I just wanted to say hi and I hope that I can learn and grow here if its alright with you guys ^^.


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    Welcome, then! Don't beat yourself up about starting late, i've two years programming, 1.5 years with C++, 1 year with C and i'm 19.5 years old!!!
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