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    Humble Indie Bundle

    Figured this was worth mentioning here, considering the interest others here have shown in the indie game community previously.

    The Humble Indie Bundle #2 (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)

    It was terribly convenient for flushing out whatever change I had left in my paypal account .
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    Although their hearts are in the right place, this disappoints me for two reasons:-

    1. All the good games in this bundle I already have (paid full price for them);
    2. The other games are unfinished and strangely "beta" quality. If you think of this as being a showcase for independently-produced games, it doesn't hold up well.

    It would tickle me greatly if this behaviour provoked a similar giveaway from mainstream publishers, like EA. How much would you pay for five of theirs? I have a figure in my head that pleases me...

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    It would tickle me greatly if this behaviour provoked a similar giveaway from mainstream publishers, like EA.
    Two cents? Seriously most of the mainstream games this year have been a bit of a let down for me. I've been on Steam picking up titles I missed from years back as well as some games from no-name companies and am enjoying them more than the new releases.

    The only new release I cannot play but am dying to play is Just Cause 2. I have to move to W7 for that and I'm not ready to switch just yet.

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    Attach some controller to your PC to play it, though. The game isn't keyboard friendly.
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