Hey guy,

I definitely need some option on this please. Pretty much desperate lol. I'm looking for some xmas present (i know, rushing it up at the last movement and this happen every year). But yeah buying it for friends and family and one of the presents Iíve chosen is the in-hear head phone. There are quite a few options which I could go for; following are the one which I have picked. I just want to get some options or some feedbacks from people how have used them before. As I haven't used any of them and I pretty much not very sure but a bit convinced on one of them though. But I will decide after getting few replies. The follow are the few which Iíve picked.

Boseģ MIE2 Mobile headset
Sennheiser IE7 Earphones
Shure SE315 Clear Earphones
Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

But they are my choices, give some suggestions. I know Monseter, Shure and Sennheiser are pretty much the market leader on this product. Not sure about Bose, but they have a good reputation on their technology, but the MIE2 looks a bit wired to me the design, they have stayhear units to for what? Does it really provide the effect? Does it control the external noise?

Many Thanks Guys!