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    StarUML reverse engineering

    It appears this program does not support export/import declarations in classes. Anytime I put an export/import declaration before my class name it thinks the entire class name is the name of the export/import macro.


    #ifdef MYEXPORTS
        #define MYDECL __declspec(dllexport)
        #define MYDECL __declspec(dllimport)
    class MYDECL ISomeInterface
          virtual ~ISomeInterface() { }
          virtual void Foo() = 0;
    StarUML reverse engineers this as a class called MYDECL with a function called Foo() and this isn't even close to correct.

    Anyone else use this free tool and know how to get around this? Ideally I do not want to be forced to remove the import/export declarations from all my classes b/c I'm building a DLL which requires them or clients of my DLL will get all kinds of unresolved externals.

    Note that when I remove the declaration the reverse engineering works as expected.

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    Only thing I can suggest is to keep a copy of your code where everything has been preprocessed. I would hope that it could identify the __declspec, it just can't see it.

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