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    Good Mp3 player

    Any recommendations on an mp3 player?
    I am happy as long as the sound is good and it hasn't got an annoying interface or a lacking one (i.e. no album scroll on iPod shuffle).

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    >>I am happy as long as the sound is good
    • Good sound
    • Portable mp3 player

    Pick one

    In all seriousness, if you want good sound quality you will have to replace the ear buds it comes with, so that you get something that sounds good to you. Sony and Koss are brands that I personally use for headphones.

    >>it hasn't got an annoying interface or a lacking one
    Again, this is a hipster pet device in the tech community so be compromising. I go by the rule that if something has a big enough screen it probably does things like album art. So you could get something like a Zune mp3 & video player, for instance.

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    Thanks. I will look upon those. The Zune and Creative's Zen seem a good option

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    I bought a Creative Zen Stone Plus years back and it still works like it did out of the box, with somewhat heavy use. It's mostly discontinued now I think. Couldn't be happier... except, there was this funny glitch that locked it up twice, both times when it was playing the same mp3. the only way to deal with it was to let it sit for about a half day, but hey, we talking 2 times with 1 song out of 1000s of plays of 100s of songs.

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    I'm the happy owner of a Sony Walkman NWZ-S544 (I believe that's what it's called atleast), and i for one am never going back to iPods. The sound is better, it's much sturdier, the interface is just as quick and user friendly without all the useless fluff, and it has a REAL EQUALIZER, which is something that is _very_ hard to find nowadays.
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    Am yet to find a portable mp3 player I like. I simply want a device to store music in, and that allows me to search and organize based on file tags or title. I reject useless crap like album art, videos and whatnot since I want an mp3 player to listen to music not watch it.

    Let me know when some maker decides to drop all the hipster crap and just produce an MP3 Player.
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