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    A couple movie suggestions

    Here's a couple excellent findings that really surprised me for their quality

    Moon (Science Fiction)
    You really have to watch this British movie. You'll be surprised that there's still someone who sees in science fiction more than glorified action movies with gadgets and wants to keep Hard Science Fiction alive. So much that NASA screened the movie.

    Sam Rockwell solo performance is excellent in this movie about solitude and the terrifying and emotional destructive realization of learning there's no going home.

    Rembrant's J'Accuse (Documentary)
    This Peter Greenway's description of one of Rembrant's most famous painting, Nightwach, is a tour the force. In the shape of a documentary-film, the analysis he does of this painting will almost certainly enthrall you. He will show you how this seemingly innocuous painting can hide a story of conspiracy, murder and Rembrant's accusation of the criminals -- everything before your eyes.

    It's also a guide through the 17th century Dutch history. A time when it experienced an unmatched rise among Europe's social and financial elite. And like everywhere else, it also hid vice, corruption and degradation of values.

    You'll learn one strong hypothesis about Nightwatch many still unsolved mysteries (a painting that baffles specialists to this day), while gaining a history lesson and a profound knowledge about this particular painting. See this.
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    I really enjoyed Moon, it reminds me in many ways of 2001: A Space Odyssey, good suggestion.

    Another suggestion: PI by Darren Aronofsky, i found it to be much better than Requiem For A Dream.
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    Moon was good, kept you guessing.

    Well I can say I don't recommend Star Wars: Clone Wars, even though, I like Star Wars. I kept hoping Asoka would just die or something.

    Also just recently watched the Prince of Persia movie, I was pleasantly surprised - I was expecting -no- storyline. I'm a fan of the games, so I kinda liked it.
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    I recently bought and watched "Moon" - last week. I've seen a preview of it on another DVD and was intrigued.

    I liked it... It's a movie that should be watched more than once just to make sure it really makes sense on multiple threads. Like a Shyamalan movie before he went too self indulgent and predictable.

    I also liked "The Fall". Bought it because the blu-ray was reviewed to be a "reference quality". I found the little girl's accent and odd cadence of speaking too difficult so I had to turn on subtitles. Her mumbling and discordant facial expressions too distracting. That's the part that could have used a more clearly speaking, and more rational little girl. Other than that, it was an amazing movie.
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    Loved "Moon." haven't seen a sci-fi movie of that quality in a long time.

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    Not sci-fi, but one of the films I most enjoyed this year was four lions. Not an easy subject to film, especially a satire but Chris Morris has been doing things like this since the 90s and most of his stuff is brilliant.

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