Thread: Is there an official policy about project updates in “Projects and Job Recruitment”?

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    Is there an official policy about project updates in “Projects and Job Recruitment”?

    Hello! There seems to be a slight contradiction in the “Projects and Job Recruitment” forum`s forum policy, since the recruitment rules says as follows:

    "The staff heavily moderates this board to keep postings on topic. Thread bumping and trolling are strictly prohibited. Please limit yourself to brief, constructive criticism and comments. If your project has reached an important milestone that you wish to announce, you should start a new thread rather than bump an old thread; doing so will help your project gain greater visibility. "

    …where as one of your moderators says this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    Well I've already closed one thread on this board but I don't want to make a habit of it. It's hard to apply the no bumping rule to this board since if a project has any new news or developments I feel it is perfectly valid to post the info.
    Now everyone should of course understand that it is not OK to bump a thread every day after some very insignificant changes, but at the same time it feels a bit stupid to start a new thread when ever you have something worth announcing. So is there any official policy about the updates?

    I for example have done the following kind of project updates about the FreeOrion project to other programming sites:

    FreeOrion (a non commercial, community game project, under development) - CodeGuru Forums

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    The official policy is what's in the rules. What Bubba says is his opinion, though I agree with him, and I'm sure most of the mods would agree. My opinion is that as a rule of thumb, we'll probably delete anything that feels spammy, useless, and devoid of meaningful content, bearing in mind that the forum in question exists for this specific purpose.

    If you're posting valuable updates from time to time, I doubt anyone would have a serious problem with either method. If you do something that IS considered inappropriate, it's easy enough for us to just make the change and let you know what you should do in the future (especially if we know who you are ahead of time, that you're not a spammer, and that you're trying to obey and be respectful of the rules).

    It's hard to lay down a policy ahead of time that covers everything. However, my suggestion to you is that unless you're recruiting, or unless a lot of your participants are members, that you probably shouldn't have so many updates to share here that this becomes a regular issue. Stuff like that should be done through your project's official site.

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    Most of us are more lenient on the projects and job recruitment board b/c of the nature of it. It isn't a forum where one post is created and then the thread continues from there until extinction. I would say that the posts become extinct when they fall off the bottom of the monthly list (IE: are a month or more old). My personal approach to that particular board is just what sean said. I try to keep it free of spam, useless content not related to the topic, etc. I wasn't second guessing the thread bumping rule but I was applying it a bit differently to that board given it's intent is to show information about projects and recruiting people for those projects.

    I don't have a problem with you providing an update now and then on that particular board, however, that being said if your original post linked to your site then we could also get updates via that link. No need to make a mile long post when one link will do.

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